Welcome to our BFRPG campaign set in the Howard’s Age of Hyboria!

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We will be using the Basic Fantasy RPG rules – a b/x D&D retroclone with some modern touches. The rules can be found at: www.basicfantasy.org.

Optional rules:
  • Additional races from the Dungeoneer’s Almanack (gnome, half-elf, half-orc). This campaign will be heavily influenced by Robert Howard’s Hyborian Age (Conan), with a slight twist. I will be using demihumans, but they will take the place of some of the fringe human offshoots that Howard uses. Dwarves are from Asgard, Elves are Atlanteans, Halflings are non-threatening hill people, etc. Orcs, goblins and whatnot are typical of proto-human barbarians that dot the places where the light of civilization does not shine brith.
  • Magic – as per the setting, magic is widespread but not super common. Its frequently a bit dark and twisted, particularly arcane magic. Similarly – magic items exist, but are a bit more rare and noteworthy/unique.
  • Additional classes from the Dungeoneer’s Almanack (assassin, ranger/barbarian/paladin subclasses)
  • Critical hits do double damage (double the die).
  • Critical fumble – save vs. death ray (with dex).
  • Defending – combat rules assume someone is also attacking. By going purely defensive, +4 to AC. This isn’t really necessary – if a player said they just wanted to parry and defend and not attack, the GM would apply a circumstantial modifier. This just happens to be a more or less guaranteed +4 – perfect for your measly d4 HD mages.
Possible optional rules up for discussion:
  • Skills?
  • Additional classes? (bard, jester, spell point sorceror, etc)
  • Any other suggestion folks have.
Current character roster:
  • a fighting man?
  • a cleric?
  • a magic user?
  • a thief?

Age of Basic Fantasy